SUP Lessons

Intro to SUP

SUP is a fun way to explore our waterways, improve your balance and get a fantastic core body workout. Anyone can Stand-Up Paddle! Our intro session will take place in the calm waters of the Westport, Slocum, or Sakonnet Rivers. We will cover all the basics; getting familiar with equipment, water entry and balance, proper stance and positioning on the board, efficient paddling technique, and safety and etiquette. All lessons include board, paddle, & pfd – wetsuit & booties available upon request. Come out and give it a try… you’ll love it!

Intro to SUP lessons are offered every Saturday on the high tide or upon request. We offer private, semi-private, & group lessons. Call the shop to schedule a time that works for you. 508-636-0300

Time: 2 hours

Cost: $60 Group lesson (4 or more), $70.00 Semi-Private (2-3 people), $90.00 Private (1 person)

Dates: Group lessons are scheduled every weekend on the high tide or can be scheduled upon request. Check our calendar!

SUP 2 – Ocean Skills

Are you ready to leave the flat water behind and take your SUP skills to the next level? We will take the strokes you have learned on our Intro to SUP course and apply them to a moving ocean environment with wind, current and small waves. We will also focus on bracing, board control & self rescue techniques. You will be amazed at how quickly your paddling skills will improve. This a great course for those paddlers looking to explore the coast.

Time: 3 hours    Cost: $79.00, Semi Private (2-3 people) $95.00

2017 Dates: May 20th, June 18th, July 18th, August 12th

Private & Semi Private classes are available upon request April – October.  Call the shop to schedule your session.


SUP Surfing 101

During this session we will cover: water safety & ocean awareness, surfing etiquette, equipment, paddling and turning techniques, getting out to the waves, catching waves, handling wipeouts in the surf, keeping equipment under control, and more. After on-land instruction, we will paddle out to catch some small to medium sized waves depending on the local conditions and your personal comfort level.
Proper surf instruction is necessary in order to not be dangerous to yourself & others in the water. To ensure that you receive a high quality experience this class is offered as private or semi private instruction only.

Time: 3 hours     Cost: $125.00

Dates: Available upon request April- October


Downwind SUP Clinic

Are you ready for the next level? An ocean downwinder combines the rhythm of SUP touring with the excitement of paddle surfing on ocean swells. Our Downwind SUP Clinics are designed to prepare and guide you through this exhilarating and challenging experience. We will meet at the take out spot, load up our shuttle van and head to our put-in. After a short discussion about downwind-specific paddling techniques and safety we will warm up then get on the water. From there we will paddle a six to eight mile downwind run back to our starting location. Weather conditions on the day will dictate our course selection & meeting location. On these trips we use specialized SIC touring & downwind boards to maximize our performance, fun & glide. This clinic is our most exciting and dynamic SUP offering and is not for beginners. Paddlers should have solid strokes & board control. Our SUP 2 course or equivilant experience is a prerequisite for this clinic.

Time: 4 – 5 hours     Cost: $125.00

2017 Dates: June 11th, July 29th

Private SUP Instruction

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced paddler working on downwind technique, swell riding, or flat water skills our experienced & certified SUP instructors can tailor a lesson to help you reach your paddling goals. What you learn is up to you; the possibilities are endless! Individualized instruction will elevate your standup paddle boarding to the next level.

Cost: $75 first hour, $50 for each additional hour. Please call in advance to schedule.


SUP Yoga

Perfect for yoga beginners & intermediate students, this class offers moderate poses at a laid back pace to strengthen the body, clam the mind & heal the soul. Intro to SUP or equivalent experience is a prerequisite for this program.

Time: 1 hour

Cost: $35 per session, or buy a 6 pack and save 15%. BYOB  save $10!

Dates: TBD for 2017


SUP Kids!

Do your kids love the water? Then they will love Stand up paddling. Get them started right with our SUP for Kids course. We will cover basic strokes, stance, board control, and safety while building confidence and having fun exploring the river. For children 10 to 14 years old.

Register through Dartmouth Department of Parks and Recreation.

Time: 2hrs

2017 Dates: June 30th, July 28th, August 18th, August 25th

Summer Paddlesports Program

Keep your kids moving & having fun with our Summer Paddlesports Programs. Kayaking & Stand up paddling will help improve your child’s balance, confidence, and awareness of their natural environments all while having a ton of fun. Our experienced instructors teach kayaking and SUP skills & safety through a variety of games, group activities, and exploration all presented in a way that’s appealing to their age group and skill level.  We make it easy so they come away feeling empowered and successful their first day! We do not require that children are strong swimmers but, we recommend they are comfortable being in the water to ensure fun experience – everyone wears a lifejacket – all the time.

So what do they learn?

How to get on and off without falling in.
Control; how to stop, paddle straight, sideways, backwards, and 360° in place.
Strokes for different conditions e.g. wind, using the paddle as a rudder.
Capsizes and rescues – falling in and getting back on & helping your buddies do the same.
“Rules of the Road” – learn where its okay to paddle and where not to.
Safety – we are cautious and respectful of the water and weather, and will teach them to be as well.
Trip Planning – reading the weather and tides to determine the best place to paddle.
Environmental Stewardship – these programs have an educational element that incorporates weather, tides, water quality, temperature, marine life, & beach/river clean-ups.
2017 Summer Paddle Sport Programs-$195.00
July 12th-14th-Session booking through Dartmouth Department of Parks and Recreation
August 14-16 – Session booking through Dartmouth Department of Parks and Recreation
  • All kids SUP & Kayak programs require a minimum of 4 participants to run.
  • If you have a group of your own we may be able to schedule a private class for you – just call the shop to find a day that works for you.
  • We also offer family discounts for multiple siblings.

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American Canoe Association, Canoe and Kayak Recreation

Our Instructors are American Canoe Association (ACA) certified, British Canoe Union (BCU) coaching certified, or both

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