Used Kayaks & SUP

Demo P&H Delphin 150

Our favorite all around sea kayak…This is the boat that allows you to get the most out of your favourite ocean playground, whether that’s tidal races, falls, rock gardens, coastal surf, or just bit of touring. The volume of the Delphin 150 makes it ideal for smaller to medium size paddlers.

Length: 15′   Width: 21.5″   Weight: 55lbs   Asking price: $1199.00

Demo P&H Delphin 155

If your looking for the perfect coastal play boat, look no further. The Delphin does it all; touring, surfing, rock play. Great condition! The volume of the Delphin 155 is ideal for medium to larger paddlers.

Length: 15.7   Width:22.5″    Weight: 56lbs   Asking price: $1199.00

Used Feel Free Juntos Kayak

Super versatile the Juntos paddles great as a single or put your child or dog on the forward seat for a family adventure for two. Don’t forget the wheel in the keel for easy on land moving. 

Length: 11’2″   Width: 30.5″    Weight: 60lbs   Asking price: $479.00 each

Used Feel Free Move Kayak

Easy paddling sit on top single. Great for kids & adults up to 175lbs. 

Length:9′   Width:29″   Weight: 42lbs    Asking price: $299.00

Used Feel Free Corona Kayak

The ultimate family kayak, the Feelfree Corona is comfortable, stable and versatile, with three different seating configurations. The middle section of the kayak can be utilized as a spot for a third paddler or be utilized for solo paddling by taking out the other seats. Don’t forget the wheel in the keel for easy on land moving!

Length: 13′   Width: 31″   Weight: 79lbs    Asking price: $629.00

Used Necky Manitou 2 Double Kayak

Stable light touring tandem. The back seat can also be moved to allow the boat to be paddled as a single.

Length: 14′ 8″    Width: 28″    Weight: 79lbs   Asking price: $799.00 

Demo Riviera Orignal 10’6 SUP

Smooth & stable cruiser – Great all around shape for flat water or small waves.

Length: 10’6   Width: 32″   Volume: 170L    Weight: 24lbs    Asking price: $649.00

Used Riviera NUGG SUP

The Nugg is a great all around board for the smaller paddler or a fun surf sup for medium to larger paddlers. 

Length:9’2″    Width: 31″    Volume: 151L    Asking price: $450.00

Demo SIC Maui Agent 10′ SUP

Great all arounder from SIC… The agent 10′ has plenty of glide in flatwater but loves to turn on the wave too. Solid construction with a double glass wrap, reinforced deck, innegra rails, & SIC easy grab handle. 

Length: 10′    Width: 32″    Volume: 180L    Weight: 23lbs    Asking price: $999.00

Used Impex Hesper

This Impex Hesper offers a quick & straight tracking hull. At 24″ in the beam, it is a stable light touring kayak for the small to medium size paddler. Good over all condition – will need two hatches. 

Length- 14′    Width- 24″    Weight- 48lbs     Asking price- $950.00  Consignment Sale


Used P&H Capella 163

This P&H Capella 163 is a fun all around, medium volume, sea kayak, great for day touring & coastal play. Good condition overall – it will need new hatches. 

Length- 16’3″     Width- 22″     Weight- 55lbs    Asking Price: $1100.00, Consignment Sale

Wilderness Systems Tempest

This Wilderness Systems Tempest has seen some use, but still has plenty of life left!

LENGTH: 17′ / 518 CM
WIDTH: 22″ / 56 CM
Price: $449

Feel Free Corona

This boat is part of our End of Year Fleet Sale! The Corona is the perfect double for adult paddlers, and even fits a third!

LENGTH: 13’1″

WIDTH: 36″

WEIGHT: 79lbs

CAPACITY: 617lbs

Price: $629.00, Consignment Sale

Stellar SR Advantage

The Stellar Racer (SR) is stable and fast for those paddlers looking to transition from a touring kayak or those who want more stability from a surf ski in rough conditions. This boat is a 2016 Advantage model from our demo fleet and is in very good condition.

LENGTH: 19’2″

WIDTH: 18.9″

WEIGHT: 32 lbs

CAPACITY: 285 lbs

Price: $1800.00

Stellar S18S

The Stellar 18′ Surf Ski (S18S) is an entry level surf ski with great top end speed from the S18R hull design. With 2 dry storage compartments, the S18S is not only a Surf Ski, but also a capable touring kayak. This 2017 S18S Advantage model is from our demo fleet and in good condition.


WIDTH: 21″

WEIGHT: 36 lbs

CAPACITY: 320 lbs

Price: $1800.00

Islay 12 LV

The Islay 12 offers the features of a touring kayak in a compact, lightweight package. A smaller version of the Islay 14, the 12 will appeal to people who want to explore smaller lakes and rivers but still want the option of taking along enough gear for an overnight trip.


LENGTH: 12′ 6″
WIDTH: 24’4″
WEIGHT : 48lbs
CAPACITY: <200lbs

Price: $729

P&H Cetus HV Expedition

This Cetus HV features the expedition layup, custom bulkhead, and deck logo. The boat has been demo’d a few times, but is in great shape. 

Price: $3600

Venture Islay 12

This boat is part of our End of Year Fleet Sale! The Islay 14 is a a great option for an intermediate paddler looking to get into more dynamic environments. 

LENGTH: 12′ 7″
WIDTH: 33″
WEIGHT : 50lbs
CAPACITY: <250lbs

Price: $729

Riviera Convoy 10’6

This board is part of our End of Season Fleet Sale! The convoy 10’6 is a great all around shape that features a full length deck pad and rigging. 

LENGTH: 10’6

WIDTH: 33″

VOLUME: 171 liters

PRICE: $649

Riviera Convoy 11’6

This board is part of our End of Year Fleet Sale! The Convoy 11’6 is a great all around shape for a bigger paddler. Features a full deck pad and rigging. 

LENGTH: 11’6

WIDTH: 33″

VOLUME: 210 liters

PRICE: $649

Riviera Original 11’6

This board is part of our End of Year Fleet Sale! The Original 11’6 is a great “all-arounder” for a bigger paddler. 

LENGTH: 11’6

WIDTH: 33″

VOLUME: 210 liters

PRICE: $649

Surf-Tech Universal 10’6

This board is part of our End of Year Fleet Sale! The Universal 10’6 is a high volume, durable, all-arounder. 

LENGTH: 10’6

WIDTH: 32″

VOLUME: 206 liters

PRICE: $699


SIC Bullet 12 TWC

This board is part of our End of Season Fleet Sale! The Bullet is an intermediate to advanced touring board designed for down-winding and coastal touring.

LENGTH: 12’6

WIDTH: 28″


PRICE: $1199


This board is part of our End of Season Fleet Sale! The F14 is one of SIC most popular shapes. It’s perfect for intermediate touring on coastal or flat water. The platform is super stable, and has the glide of a much more technical board.


WIDTH: 30″


PRICE: $1399

Pau Hana Big EZ Ricochet

This board is part of our End of Season Fleet Sale! The Big EZ is the perfect shape for a beginner paddler, and the Ricochet Construction makes it perfect for heavy use and abuse. 

LENGTH: 11’0

WIDTH: 32″

VOLUME: 225 lbs

PRICE: $699-$799

SIC Recon 11.4 TWC

This board is part of our End of Season Fleet Sale! The Recon 11.4 is a great all around shape, that plays well in the surf and on calm water. This board is available in the Tough Wood Construction.

LENGTH: 11’4″

 WIDTH:  29.5″


PRICE: $799


Necky Mannitou II

This recreational double has seen the water only once, and is in like-new condition. It has a rub on the underside of the stern, but otherwise is in fantastic shape!

Length: 14’8″

Width: 28″

Weight: 79lbs

Capacity: 425-475lbs

Price: $1200

SIC Bully 10’6

With its high volume capacity, wider mid-point, yet pulled-in outline and progressive thruster or optional quad fin set-up, bigger paddlers get the best of stability and shred- ability. The Bully 10.6 gives you carving rail-to-rail surf performance. This is the board that will deliver the performance you want but still provide the platform you need to conserve energy, in choppy conditions and is a breeze to catch waves.

LENGTH: 10’6

WIDTH: 33″

WEIGHT:25 lbs


PRICE: $799

SIC Bully 9’11

Heroes are not made every day, but this fun, stable shredder is doing its part to make every day heroes in the line up. Wide mid points, extra volume and a pulled in performance tail mean you don’t have to sacrifice fun for performance.

LENGTH: 9’11”

WIDTH: 32″

WEIGHT: 23 lbs


PRICE: $899

FeelFree Lure 13.5

The Lure 13.5 is the largest entry in FeelFree’s fishing line. It features a stable platform with the FeelFree Gravity seat. An excellent boat for coastal fishing, as well as paddling inland rivers and lakes. 

Length: 13.5   Width: 36″   Weight: 95lbs    Capacity: 500lbs   Cost:$979.00 – Reduced now $899.00!

Almost New Pau Hana Cadence RT

This board was dinged in shipping. After a visit to the Osprey repair shop she is good as new and a sweet deal to boot. The Cadence RT has a great balance of speed & stability and was named to the “Gear of the Year” list by Outside Magazine. If your looking for a like new board for touring, fitness paddling, or racing come check out the Cadence RT.

Length:12’6″, Width: 28.5″, Weight: 23lbs, Cost: $999.00

Greenlander Pro


The Greenlander pro is a traditionally inspired expedition kayak sized towards a medium sized paddler. It’s the fastest boat in the NDK lineup which will make getting from point A to B a smooth and enjoyable journey. This gently used boat is in pristine shape, and looks gorgeous on the water.

Length: 17’10”

Width: 21″

Weight: 55 lbs

Price: $2,800, Consignment Sale


Impex Force Category 5

The Impex Force 5 is a proper seafaring boat designed to maximize speed and storage volume. It features a classic V shape hull, as well as a medium chine with a mind for expeditions. With minimal rocker, the Force 5 is fast on the flats, but lively enough to make it through moving or rough water. 

Length: 18′

Width: 20.75″

Weight: 58lbs

Capacity: 341L

Price: $1800, Consignment Sale

Watertech Speedy

The Watertech Speedy is a steep wave monster. It has enough volume  to surface out of big foam piles, and enough rocker for aggressive pickups and cutbacks. The boat has a 2 plus 1 fin setup, and comes with stock fins. This boat has been demo’d only 3 times!

img_4444 img_4443


Length: 7’3″

Width: 26.5″

Weight: 18lbs

Price: $950   Now $800.00


Riviera Ron House 12’6″ Coastal Cruiser

The Coastal Cruiser is designed to be a ultimate all around board. It works good in flat water, great downwind, is stable in rough conditions, and has a shortboard outline with a good amount of nose rocker. If we had to put it in one category it wouldn’t let us. Ready for any excursion the Coastal Cruiser is equipped with 6 leash plugs on the nose to tie down all your gear.


Length: 12’6″

Width: 30″

Volume: 240 L

Used Price: $699

Bullet V2 14.0 (SCC) w/ Assisted Steering System

  • Single Carbon Composite (SCC)
  • Full wrap biaxial carbon
  • Innegra™ tip, rail and tail reinforcement
  • PVC reinforced deck for the ultimate in strength, weight and stiffness
  • U.S. standard finbox / 12K Carbon Weedless 7.0” fin
  • Gore-Tex breather valve
  • EZ-Grab handle – Single surf leash plug


Length: 14’0″

Width: 27.25″

Volume: 269 L

Weight: 27 lbs.

Used Price: $1800

Demo SIC FX Pro 14.0 (SCC)

  • Single Carbon Composite (SCC) full wrap biaxial carbon
  • Innegra™ tip, rail and tail reinforcement
  • PVC reinforced deck for the ultimate in strength, weight and stiffness
  • Croc skin EVA deck pad
  • U.S. standard finbox w/ 12K Carbon Weedless 8.3” fin
  • Gore-Tex breather valve
  • EZ-Grab handle
  • Single surf leash plug
  • Removable race handle


Length: 14’0″

Width: 25″

Volume: 290 L

Weight: 24 lbs.

Used Price: $1800.00 – Excellent Condition!

Liquid Logic Marvel 145 Tandem

Enjoy the trip in comfort with our industry leading Air-Lite seat system that provides complete and total back support. The Marvel’s hull design offers smooth glide and solid stability for all paddlers. Add in a hatch that provides ample storage and you will see why the Marvel series is at the top of its class.




WIDTH: 31″

WEIGHT: 65 lbs

PRICE: $659


Fast and light, the Speedboard 14′ x 27″ carbon race board is perfect for flat water venues. Ideal for racers up to 175lbs.

Asking $600.00

speedboard 14

Used Mega Surf Kayak

Kevlar HP Impluse from Mega. Great first surf boat for the whitewater paddler!

length: 7″ 6″, beam: 26.5″, cost: $900


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