Summer 2017 Calendar is here!

The 2017 summer calendar has been finalized. Find all of our programming, meet times, and logistics here. Call the shop to register, or get more info!

Osprey Sea and Surf’s End of Season Fleet Sale!

This is the official start of the Osprey Sea and Surf Fleet Sale! Get a great price on everything from kayaks, to paddle boards, paddles and more. 

Not familiar with our sale, or not sure what kind of boat or board you want? No worries! Come to the shop to find a boat or board you like, put down a deposit, and pick it up on the release date. 

All rental boards and boats must go, but that doesn’t mean they wont be gone before long! See the list below for details on prices and release dates. Call the shop with questions, or to put down a deposit. 

Boat Serial/Color Price release date
Flex XJBBDZYBBC616 Blue $549 15-Sep
Marvel 10 LPS00384C616 $399 15-Sep
Marvel 10 LPS00383C616 $399 15-Sep
Inuit 12 LPS500571A616 Green $649 15-Oct
Inuit 12 LPS00149K516 Green $649 15-Sep
Inuit 13.5 LPS00715K516 Green $699 15-Sep
Inuit 14 LPS00337J516 Green $729 15-Sep
Inuit 14 LPS00388D616 Orange $729 15-Oct
Islay 12 LV XJBHKFBCB414 Orange $749 now
Islay 12 LV XJBHKFBHB414 Yellow  $699 now
Islay 12 XJBAJFEDD516 Orange $749 now
Islay 12 XJBHJYBHB616 Blue $749 now
Islay 14 XJBHBFBGE414 Orange $749 now
Jura MV  XJBHHYAHA616 Turquoise  $1099 now
Jura HV XJBHSFAHA515 Sunbeam $999 now
Cetus HV Green/white $3,600 15-Sep
Mannitou II XTC 36053C515 Green $949 15-Sep
Mannitou II XTC02586K415 Red $849 15-Sep
Mannitou II XTC02509C414 Yellow $799 15-Oct
Marvel T LPS00318D616 Mango $659 15-Sep
Marvel T LPS00307D616 Mango $659 15-Sep
Marvel T LPS00334D616 Green $659 15-Oct
Lure 11.5 XJV730801617 $859 15-Sep
Lure 13.5 XJV11110C515 $979 now
Moken 10 Lite XJV73344C414 yellow $629 15-Sep
Moken 10 Lite Lime Green $629 15-Oct
Nomad Melon  $449 15-Oct
Juntos XJV72236B414 reg. $479 15-Sep
Juntos XJV 59929K414 trop $479 15-Oct
Gemini XJV41751C313 ice cool $579 15-Sep
Gemini XJV44094A313 ice cool $579 15-Oct
Carona XJV 72221B414 trop $629 15-Oct
Carona XJV72220B414 Melon $629 15-Sep
Move XJV23026B212 Trop.  $299 15-Sep
Move XJV34811J212 Purp/W $299 15-Sep
Big EZ white $799 15-Sep
Big EZ white $799 15-Sep
Big EZ white $799 15-Sep
Frenchie 10’6 white $749 15-Sep
Oahu 9’5″ teal $829 now
Oahu 10 teal $859 now
Nugg white/orange $450 15-Oct
Rivi 10’6 orange/white $629 15-Sep
Rivi 10’6 Blue/Grey $649 15-Sep
Rivi 10’6 Blue/White $649 15-Oct
Rivi 10’6 Grey/Blue $649 15-Oct
Rivi 11’6 distressed white $649 15-Oct
Rivi 11’6 distressed white $649 15-Sep
Rivi 11’6 Blue/White $649 15-Oct
covoy 10’6 Distressed white/blue $649 15-Sep
convoy 10’6 Stressed mint $649 15-Oct
convoy 11’6 stressed mint $649 15-Sep
convoy 11’6 distressed white/blue $649 15-Oct
convoy 11’6 distressed white/blue $649 15-Sep
Recon 11’4 TWC Blue/white $979 15-Sep
Voyager 11 Distressed blue $749 15-Oct
Voyager 12 Blue/white $749 15-Sep
Agent 10 White/Blue $1,029 15-Oct
Agent 10’6 White/Blue $1,049 15-Oct
Bully 10’6 blue/black $899 15-Oct
Bully 10’6 Blue/black $799 now
Bully 9’11 red/white $849 15-Sep
Angler Wood/white $949 15-Sep
Bullet 17 w/ass red/white $2,200 Now
F-16 w/ass blue/white $2,100 Now
FX 12.6 SCC Red/white $1,900 15-Sep
F14 GC red/white $1,499 15-Oct
Ron House 12 Blue $749 now
Cadence Blue/Yellow $1,199 now
Fish 9.5 Black/white $799 now
Bullet V2 Black/White SCC $1,800 now
S18S orange $2,049 15-Oct
SR green $2,249 15-Oct


New Surfski Class!

Surfski Training for Sea Kayakers

Leave your heavy sea kayak at home and join us as we explore the world of fast, lightweight performance surf skis. We will take the fundamental skills you already have under your belt and apply them to this new craft, while exploring new concepts such as wing paddles as we go. This class will capitalize on the open deck ski design to focus on full body power transfer, making you a more effective paddler no matter your boat of choice. 

Time: 3hours     Cost: $79.00

Dates:  August 12th, 19th, September 3rd

Instructor: Brandon Heitpas, ACA L2 Surfski Instructor, ACA L3 Coastal Kayak Instructor, UKCC L1 Coach

Osprey @ Apponagansett Point Park, Dartmouth!

Join Osprey Sea and Surf Adventures at our new location at The Bucket on Apponogansett Bay!  Working in conjunction with the Dartmouth Department of Parks and Recreation, we are now offering both kayaking & paddle boarding tours, classes, and rentals at Apponogansett Point Park on Gulf Rd. in Dartmouth, Ma. 

Hours of operation are 10am to 5pm Saturday & Sunday beginning on June 17th   & will expand during July and August. For rental reservations @ the bucket call 774-301-1218 (weekends only).
Click here for information on tours, classes & youth paddlesport programs or call the shop in Westport, 508-636-0300 to talk to a person. 
Special ‘Local’ Rates for Dartmouth residents – Stop by the trailer to find out more.

Sunset SUP… perfect ending to any day.



Cambodia January 2018

Come with us to the wonderful kingdom of Cambodia for a unique and unforgettable experience. Your time will be spent paddling the mighty Mekong River and the Tonle Sap Lake. You will paddle the back “streets” of a village built on stilts towering over water, explore an otherworldly flooded forest, and likely see the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin. You will be camping on islands, staying in remote villages, sleeping in floating houses, and of course spending a few nights in hotels and lodges. In addition to paddling, you will investigate Cambodia’s dark past with the Khmer Rouge, explore the awe inspiring Angkor Wat, and visit a bird sanctuary.


There are only 8 spots for this trip, so act fast. For more detailed informatio or to book contact: 

Call: 508-636-0300

Email: [email protected]

Itinerary: Cambodia January 2018 PDF 

2017 British Canoeing Programs

We are pleased to announce that in addition to BC Star awards & rescue trainings we will be offering a UKCC Level 1 training & assessment taught by Steve MacDonald & Todd Johnstone-Wright. If your looking to become a Coach in British Canoeing this is your opportunity…

UKCC Level 1 Paddlesport Coach Training & Assessment

The Level 1 Award in Coaching Paddlesport may be your first step on the paddlesport coaching pathway. The qualification will introduce you to the fundamentals of good coaching practice and help you to understand and coach technical and tactical aspects of the sport. The qualification is not discipline specific and therefore suitable to coaches who wish to work with paddlers from any of the competitive and non-competitive paddle sport disciplines. The course will develop skills in ‘how to coach’ as well as provide a technical understanding of ‘what to coach’, specifically relating to the skills beginners to paddlesport require.The course will cover how to:

  • prepare coaching activities, taking into account participants’ needs and motives
  • establish a safe working environment
  • deliver prepared coaching activities
  • establish working relationships with participants and others
  • evaluate the effectiveness of coaching activities
  • evaluate the effectiveness of personal coaching practice
  • manage effective and appropriate bank- and water-based rescues.

A range of coaching tips and tricks, games and activities will be built into the course, along with time spent developing your technical/tactical understanding. The course will be delivered over four days and will include both training and assessment.

In order to achieve the qualification, you must successfully complete a range of assessment tasks, which include safety and rescue skills, coaching skills and the technical understanding of paddlesport. The assessments are based on a mixture of practical and written tasks and tutor questioning.

Prerequistes for UKCC Level 1: British Canoeing 2 Star Award and have completed the FSRT Module.

Course Syllabus

Dates: June 23-26, 2017

Cost:  $550.00

Follow the link for information on all of our British Canoeing Programs.

2017 ACA SUP Instructor Certification Workshops & Updates

Is 2017 your year to become a Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor?

This season we will offer several American Canoe Association Stand up Paddleboard  Instructor Certification Workshops, Instructor Updates, & Instructor Prep Clinics. These are great programs to guide you on your journey to teaching SUP to others or to assist in your continuing education & skill refinement. Please call or email with any questions or to reserve your space, 508-636-0300.


SUP Instructor Certification Workshop/Essentials of SUP 1 & 2

The ACA ICW provides SUP Instructors the basics of water safety and a solid framework of SUP teaching techniques. This three-day program is an intensive, fast paced workshop designed to refine your instructional techniques and familiarize you with the processes and curriculum of the American Canoe Association. Students aspiring to be certified as SUP instructors will need to have current certifications in both CPR and First Aid.
Goals for this course include:
-to become familiar with current educational theory as it applies to paddle instruction
-to develop personal paddling skills
-to develop teaching and coaching skills
-to develop safe group management techniques
-to become familiar with ACA procedures for certified instructors

In the Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW) you will be assessed in the following areas: Personal Paddling Skills, Teaching Skills, Modeling Skills, Risk Management, Group Management,  Technical Knowledge, Coaching & Assessment.

Pre-requisites: Proficiency with basic skills outlined in ACA Instructor Criteria, ACA Annual Membership, First Aid & CPR certification, 18 years of age or older.

Level One Instructor Criteria

Level Two Instructor Criteria

Dates: May 27th- 29th, Westport, Ma,  July 7th- 9th, Westport, Ma

Cost: $450.00

Instructor Trainer: Jim Bernard

SUP Instructor Prep Course

This class is designed to be a full day prep clinic for folks who will be taking an ACA SUP L1/L2 Instructor Certification Workshop. It will also benefit students who just want to improve their personal paddling skills and understanding of the sport or are working towards guiding or teaching SUP classes. Topics covered will relate specifically to the skills needed to successfully complete an ICW and will generally come from the ACA SUP Instructor criteria:
-Personal paddling skill development, SUP strokes.
-Teaching theory
-Teaching practice
-Learning styles
-Environmental issues while leading a group
-Group management and safety considerations
A full day class, mostly on the water. Students need to bring food, water, snacks, and clothing necessary for the entire day.
This class is NOT a pre-requisite for the ACA SUP ICW & completion of this class does not offer any preferential consideration for the ICW.

Date: May 7th      Cost: $125.00

Instructor Trainer: Jim Bernard

SUP Instructor Update

The instructor update is your chance to increase the quality of the clinics and assessment courses you offer by improving your personal paddling skills, learning new teaching methods, enhancing your ability to assess the strokes and body mechanics of your students while providing them with clear, targeted feedback on their technique. This one day Instructor Update fulfills your Instructor maintenance requirement.

Dates: May 6th – SUP Instructor Level 1 & 2     Cost: $150.00

Instructor Trainer: Jim Bernard


Only 5 Slots Left for Croatia 2017

Join Team Osprey and Peak and Paddle Croatia for a unique, ten day adventure through Šibenik’s archipelago. Paddle the Adriatic Sea by day, and experience the best of Croatian cuisine and culture by night. Slots are filling up fast for our September 16th-25th trip, so be sure to check out the itinerary. If you want to reserve a space, or get more details, call the shop, or email Sam at [email protected]

img_8243 img_8485 img_8511 img_8544

SOLO Wilderness First Aid scheduled for April 8th, 9th 2017

Join team Osprey and Todd Wright for our SOLO Wilderness First Aid Workshop! Call the shop to register.

Dates: April 8th-9th, 8:30 to 5:00 each day

Cost: $175 (does not include lodging)

Location: Lloyd Center for the Environment in South Dartmouth, MA

SOLO Wilderness First Aid Overview

Occasionally, injuries happen in the context of adventure sports, and as both enthusiasts and professionals we need to be prepared to treat, manage, and avoid injury in remote settings. SOLO Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is an introductory course designed to develop both decision making and management skills that address common backcountry injuries. The WFA course focuses on ‘hands on’ learning, where students are engaged in managing authentic scenarios; scenario based learning is supported by brief classroom discussions and reinforced with intensive practical work.


The WFA is the perfect course for the outdoor enthusiast or trip leader who wants a basic level of first aid training for short trips with family, friends, students, and outdoor groups. It also meets American Canoe Association, British Canoeing and International Mountain Bicycling Associations first aid requirements.


The WFA is 16 hours long (two days), and focuses on the basic skills of: Response and Assessment, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Environmental Emergencies, Survival Skills, Soft Tissue Injuries, and Medical Emergencies.

Packing for WFA

We encourage participants to dress comfortably and come prepared to work/play outside in any weather. In addition, we ask that participants come prepared as if they were leading a long day trip, group in either a mountain or marine environment.

Recommended Items:

  • Windproof/waterproof jacket and pants
  • Insulating layers
  • Season appropriate closed toed shoes
  • Spare clothing/layers for splinting
  • Food and water for the day
  • Writing instrument
  • Day pack or duffle/Bill Bag (paddlers)
  • Sport specific and/or leadership equipment i.e. Life Jacket, Sleeping Pads, Hydration Packs etc.


Shop Small, Shop Local, SAVE BIG!

Tis’ the season to score a great deal on that kayak, sup, or paddling gear you or your favorite paddler has been dreaming’ of! We have a great selection of new & used kayaks from P&H, Stellar, Feel Free Kayaks, Venture Kayaks, Necky & Liquid Logic and SUP’s from SIC, Riviera & Pau Hana. Don’t forget the trimmings from Werner & Accent Paddles, Astral, Hyperflex, Kokatat, FCS, NRS, Sea to Summit & more!

Starting on Small Biz Saturday, Nov 26th…

Save 10% to 40% off on all New & in stock Kayaks & SUP’s!
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Save 10% to 25% on all paddling accessories (dry bags, tow belts, charts, etc)

Gift Cards are always available.




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