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Into the surf with Brian

So there I was… just home from a day at the shop when into my driveway rolls Brian Day! He was cruising in the P&H/Pyranha rig looking something like a huge multicolored hedge hog, boats sticking out everywhere. We sat down to plan out the next few days. What do you want to do? says […]


They are predicting good weather and perfect tides for this weekend. It’s time for an Osprey Biathlon. I visualize getting on the paddleboard and grinding against the tide and wind to the harbor then swinging left to the bridge. I can see the sights and feel the morning sun even in my cubical. 3 hours […]


Salem flows past my truck’s windows, tunes blasting out of the speakers. I haven’t taken this route since I went to college. I am conducting a postmortem on yesterday’s class. It was the first time I have taught with Carl in a long time and I am recalling how much fun that is. Turning onto […]


The singer howls, guitars thunder and I am hit by more wind. I see it coming, the dark catspaws running across the water at me. My forward momentum is stopped cold but I grit my teeth and add more crunch to the paddle stroke. Music urges me onward. The “breeze” is stronger than predicted and […]

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