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Monday …Monday…

As long as I’ve been in the outdoor industry I’ve always seemed to have no work on Monday. Yesterday there was a very anticipated swell coming and all the crews from everywhere showed up.. I wasn’t able to surf yesterday so I just chilled and didn’t worry about it.Monday for me…. whether at a ski […]

New Standup Boards

Went out on the New Demo Pearson Arrow 14′ Coast Runner (Laird Model) for a bit today. First impression was Fast and Stable! My up wind run had great glide and seemed effortless. I was using a quicker stoke and it felt like I was able to gain speed even up wind.It felt very stable […]

Running Cool

Current tugs at the fin. My weight frees the nose from the shore and the board gathers speed down the river. I must be a sight to see. Black and yellow legs stick out from under a bright orange cag with reflective tape. The hood is pulled tight and rain drips off the brim of […]

How can I decide?

While instructing at OSKA, I find it important to test paddle every boat we carry. Fortunately, we sell Watertech! The first time I saw these Portuguese Surf Kayaks I could barely contain myself. Unwrapping the packaging, seeing the bright colors and smelling the cured fiberglass was almost to much to take! Well, several months have […]

8 seconds

The boat underneath me twitched. I left the beach and it felt like they had opened the chute. The brahma I was on exploding in every direction. All I could do was sit tight and wait for the buzzer. Looking around, I wondered where the clowns were. Who was going to help me when it […]

Columbus Day Short Version

The Northern Alliance

Where do I start???? Going to a contest with my surfing brethren has never been far from my mind. I’ve walked away from the thought of contest surfing because my bro’s are simply some of the best “free surfers” I know. Perhaps the judges wouldn’t see it the same way,and my guys would be deflated…… […]

4000 miles short of a full trip

Dew sparkles in the morning light on both the lawn and the spider’s web hung from the drying line. A light fog gives way to the sun. The smell of fresh brewed coffee rises from the cup in my hand. By contrast, the shop is dark. A troll sits at the end of the table, […]

There’s a mouse in your bucket dear Huffy, dear Huffy

I wake to a noise in the house. The sound happens again. I can’t identify it. It is 4am when I get out of bed and turn the lights on to see what’s what. My gaze is torn from my Kindle to the view out the train window. The horizon starts maroon then shifts up […]

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