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Team Osprey

I come off the bridge and as the vehicle in front of me slides into the right lane I drop the hammer and fly down the highway. I am late. We had been fixated by Team Osprey’s trip to Surf City. Upon return from the Audubon trip on Saturday Rob and I had received the […]

Bringing Chaos!

A quick update from the boys… Rob and Will are in the Waveski Finals on CHAOS boatsMike, Rob and Will are in the HP (high performance) semi’sIC (international class) standings aren’t in yet. Apparently it was “Victory at Sea” conditions…something like seen here from Hurricane Bill:


By about July the other Osprey staff develop a gestalt that I’m not part of since I am only there weekends. I end up focused on my own weekday 9-5 and gym and chores and stop paying much attention to what goes on in Westport during the week. It came as a bit of a […]


Mike and Rachel sharing a wave.

Bird in hand

I walk to the back room. Morgan is sitting on her cage dispassionately looking at me. At least it is not the malice she has flung my way for most of the summer. I greet her. Walking to the living room I turn on the television, Carl and Sam are at the surf event and […]

SUP board + trainer kite = Trying something new

Like the man said,"Throw your hands in the air…"

  I love this picture. There is abandon, humor, camraderie, people I like and a perfect, glassy wave.

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