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Soup season arrives.

Flashes of white in the sky catch my attention. Snowy Egrets are on the move from Essex, feathers catching the last rays of sunlight. Two cormorants accompany them. A minute later another flock is on the wing from Annisquam. Dark birds hunch over the marsh in Revere. Blue Herons mark the fall of the tide […]

Mike N Bill

The video on YouTube

Big Brass

With sick fascination I watch the video of Izzy going over the falls another time and yet again my heart stops for a second. It happens every time. Frame by frame I want to see her swing to the left and rocket diagonally across the wave. I want to see her reach the summit and […]

Explorating this Mortal Coil

My Karma was hemorrhaging faster than I was likely to replace it. By Thursday, the tension that it caused had me at a slow boil and barely able to live with myself. The weekend was going to be difficult if I couldn’t figure out how to staunch the flow. As the sun rose Saturday morning […]

An act of Will

The wave peeks. White foam forming as it starts to break. A voice comes out of the ether “Paddle at the wave!” It is a memory of a past instruction from Mike. The paddle digs in and the boat struggles forward. Rising up the face of the wave I turn to look back down the […]

A Swell Trip to Cutty Chunk

I started watching the weather Monday. Not because the forecasters could give me the correct weather for the weekend but to start building a gestalt. It would be good to get a feeling for how the weekend would shape up. I kept my week low key and healthy. A couple of endurance workouts at the […]

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