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Sombrero de la noche en casa de Ladd

Grey rolls off the ocean reducing visibility to a quarter mile. I take a bearing and turn back to the group. A couple of them look a little worried but relax as we continue the class and paddle towards the take out in turns. The light the thick fog has filtered is perfect. The marsh’s […]

Lest we forget…we kayak

The boats are organized on the beach. The coffee is wearing off and the sun is swiftly baking me. The bottle of water gets sucked down faster than expected and it is only 8:30. I haven’t been in Marion since I was fourteen (though I would swear swinging through to check out this launch site […]

Karma stole my shades

A brief conversation with myself minutes before Karma stole my shades. “I’m cool!”“No you’re not.”“Of course I am.”“No you’re not.”“I don’t get any cooler than this!”“Boy that’s a problem, look at the picture.”“What picture….oh”

Aquidneck Island Paddle

On July 11th I began a day long journey around Aquidneck Island. The second or third annual Lucy’s Hearth/Aquidneck Land Trust fund raiser was the occasion. It’s a relay format where 5 person teams take turns paddling prone paddle boards,SUP,or kayak. The distance is 38 miles and the route is Third Beach Middletown around the […]


Big Wheel Keeps on Turnin’

The fire chapter of the OSKA story finally comes to a close thanks to the efforts of Kathy Whalen!The Osprey Crew sends a huge thanks to Kathy for finding C&C Plastics in Woonsocket to recycle all the fire damaged kayaks that have been sitting in our garden for the last two years. At first we […]

Conceptus Obscurus

My mind wanders and I start recalling Friday’s drive. Heading into Crow Agency to find a thick fog in the valleys with the hills looking like islands on a gray ocean. The sun pushing enough light through occasional gaps in the thick clouds to cast odd shadows and help blur the line between earth and […]


She was looking haggard as she walked up the side of the highway towards me. Normally I wouldn’t have thought of picking up hitchhikers but she looked at me as if to say “Please help, this isn’t fun.”. 2 young ones followed her doggedly. After briefly looking around to see who was about her head […]

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