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Dan and Bethany

So these folks are paddling from Canada to Florida. We have been lucky enough to meet them and are enjoying their company while they paddle our little section of the world. Here is their story….link


The sky is steel grey. The sea is slate blue and textured. Rain appears on the horizon but I feel only the occasional sprinkle. Muscles used to cubicle life talk back to me as my paddle strokes turn mechanical. Push across with my top hand, pivot around my spine and add a slight crunch as […]

With the flash of a smile

I fell in love again on Saturday. It was all fresh, new and waiting to be re-discovered. I had forgotten I could feel this way and what’s more…I am not feeling like the bumbling fool the way I usually do with these things. Coming around the corner at the “Roll Hole” and looking down river […]

Pea Soup & S’mores

The Milton gang arrived late Friday afternoon. After a ‘quick change’ and some awesome ice cream cones compliments of Rory & Kathy Courturier of The Head Landing Country Store , we headed south in the vans towards Hix Bridge. Our beautiful sunny afternoon was quickly changing as a significant fog bank rolled in from the […]

Will and Mike’s CT. WhiteH2O Trip

It’s so nice to be able to check the surf in the AM and decide if your going for a surf. It is equally as nice if the surf is flat, to have a white water option 1.5 hours from the shop. This morning the surf was flat so Will was I took off for […]

The Upper Upper

It is a quiet, grey day. Fish are up but whatever they are feeding on does not resemble the lures we try so we catch our quota of water. Sam and Mimi come up the river out of the mist from their early morning SUP session, relaxed and happy. The shop is fully crewed. We […]

First Surf Class and The Green Mtn.Boyz

Chuck and Betsy came for the first surf class of the year. Small surf was on the horizon. Betsy was in her InAZone ,Chuck was in a new Dagger Kaos 10’2 SOT. I have to say that Kaos is a great shape! Chuck had plenty of waves from the outside all the way to the […]

May Second…Westport

Have you seen this man?

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