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You Tew

Ok, I’ll confess. I am not a lover of hot weather. Morning came when Morgan’s shrill “Where are you?” whistle pierced my sleep. No way could she be missing me. Sam’s whispered voice carried through the quiet house as well. “Shhhhh Morgan, I’m right here”. Something wasn’t quite right. I pulled my eyes open and […]

The crew

Osprey Team 2009:Carl, Sam, Hugh, Mike, Rob, Izzy, Parker, Will, Jon, Ted, Rob Banks, Matt Bingham Guests may include:Steve Maynard, Omer Singer, Cheri Perry, Turner Wilson, Bryan Smith, Todd Wright

Spring Fling 09′

What a wild start to the season! Saturday was a bit damp with a biting northeast wind but, it did not discourage us from getting on or into the water. Guest instructors, Todd Wright (Saint Michael’s College) and Bryan Smith (Reel Water Productions) joined our own, Hugh Braley for a dynamic moving water workshop on […]


There is a slight ache in my hands. I look at them as I drive. They are still wrinkled from being in the water earlier and the salt has made them a little leathery. The pain is the result of having the blood driven from my hands by the wet, windy cold. Remembrance of that […]


They are looking a little nervous, two of the new guides. They are listening to Sam talk about what it means to be a guide at Osprey and Carl is handing out folders with guide info. Izzy and Parker are there for moral support as well as assisting in the orientation. I’m just there. For […]

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