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Every once in a while I experience what turns out to be a truly backhanded karmic experience. In the past two weeks or so I have experienced a precipitous drop in my IQ. It manifests itself as a series of mistakes in the course of my non-kayak job. Nothing earth shattering, just silly little “Oh, […]

Hand Roll

I give myself a sweep of the paddle and as my boat spins I survey the pool. Other kayaks are on the deck as students get their gear on and pick one. I set my paddle on the water and wind my body to the left. As my arms start to reach out my eyes […]

Last Tour

I look out on the lawn and count the boats and then check the rest of the gear. Perfume carried across the breeze is the first indication that the clients have started to arrive. They are all from one group and chat busily. We get them suited up and oriented in a quick, well practiced […]

3 Cords

The engine coughs to life on a quick pull of the cord. There is wood to split. We start with the logs we hadn’t touched since we stacked them last year. The wedge of the splitter forges its way into the material, burying most of the blade before the wood gives way. Insects scamper as […]

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