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Pictures of the ocean hang on my office walls and each time I look at them I can almost feel the fresh salt air and smell the sea. My muscles twitch to the memory of the paddle stroke or roll captured in the shots. Saturday starts replaying through my mind, the stiff wind, the beach […]


Carl, Sam and Mike howled in laughter as they came to check on me. The imp at the end of the strings fluttered on the ground as it laughed as well. My hands still held the bar but I was definitely sprawled across the beach. That little beast it was attached to had decided to […]


The large black shadow of a kite arcs across the moonlit sky angrily chased by a little, green glow. Rob leans back as the lines to the kite tighten and drag him a step forward. Mike has added a glow stick to one of the lines and the wind is up. Inside, two fireplaces are […]


My feet dig into the sand as the kite arcs low across the horizon. The traces pull at the bar in my hands, reins for some strange, flying horse. One hand pulls back while the other pushes forward, the kite arcs back to a zenith and the pull diminishes before it angles earthward again. It […]

Greece 08

Wow what an amazing trip! Warm clear blue water, pleasant air temps, great food and to top it off an incredible group of people. The group this year was a mix from all over, we had four people from Israel, two from Sweden, four from the US, my self and Omer. I guess the best […]


Vestiges of dream are sundered in the clawing back to consciousness. My mouth snaps shut as I realize my jaw is slack. The train rocks on the tracks into Boston and music is playing unheard in my headphones while thoughts attempt to coalesce. As we pull into the platform I stand, a necessary action that […]

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