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4 Cast

Small fish dart away from my boots as I cross the flooded lawn to the river. I am early for a cancelled day and so with rod in hand I approach the granite wall of the canal. My footwear is starting to soak and my socks dampen to an uncomfortable cotton mush but the caffeine […]

Option to Fail

I strive for perfection and it irks me when I can’t reach it. I watch my friends and when I can’t be as good or better then I become disappointed with myself. It was a hard lesson to learn that I have limitations. I will never teach like Carl or Sam but I can improve […]

Coastal Too

I whipped around to see what was up before I identified the sound as one of joy. My three students were still upright as we paddled the swells in towards shore. One of them was expressing the pleasure they all felt. I remember going through the same experience, the exhilaration and the awe of just […]


“What the heck, he said” is a phrase a guy I used to work for says. He says it when something isn’t the way it is supposed to be. It is the phrase that went through my mind Sunday evening when floating upside down in my surf boat. I couldn’t roll. I am not sure […]

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