Times Fly

With Green Heron and Snowy Egrets in the marshes it is migration time! Osprey young are almost as big as their parents and still begging for food even though their emancipation is just around the corner. Schoolies are hitting the river at flood tide winnowing the bait fish population.

You have to get down here to go birding. Early tends to be a little better for conditions (other than tide) but really, any time down here is good. The Osprey will be on the move soon. A renter brought her boat back and talked about being stunned at how many Osprey there were in such a small area.

The winery tour was lots of fun. It is nice to work with people you know doing a job you love and having the trip reflect that fun. I didn’t go to the dinner so I can only say the other guides enjoyed it. Izzy ran a Intro to Kayaking Family Fun Tour and I assisted. That was another blast. I had quite a bit of fun watching her work and am going to try and steal a couple of things that she did that I really liked.

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