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The drive down is quick this morning. I am not sure whether it is that “Only A Game” is on or that I don’t have a course to teach until this afternoon. I cruise into Westport picking up water at Lee’s and coffee at Starfish. Breakfast is kicking in and I feel the energy flowing. […]

After Work

The wave slaps my shins as it rushes past. Receding water leaves the rock I am on slippery. My arm cocks back. The rod tip flashes forward and the released lure hurtles through the air flying a country mile before landing with a splash. I let it sit there slowly sinking. My hand starts cranking […]

Times Fly

With Green Heron and Snowy Egrets in the marshes it is migration time! Osprey young are almost as big as their parents and still begging for food even though their emancipation is just around the corner. Schoolies are hitting the river at flood tide winnowing the bait fish population. You have to get down here […]

All the Signs

The white “Z”s on my otherwise brownish feet, flash brightly at me in the shower. There are calluses and a tan where the body has adjusted to the summer activity. Raw spots where a little grit got in and ground its way through set up a constant background whine. A craving for caffeine has taken […]

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