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Last of July

The alarm sounds. An arm reaches over to hit the button that silences the noise. A moment passes as an assessment is made of the temperature in the bedroom. Birds are chirping. Their celebrations of life echo through the fog of morning fatigue. Muscles protest at the shift from horizontal to vertical. A face stares […]

The Run

The wave picks up my boat. It is not a terribly large wave but it is big enough to be worth the effort…I start the slide down the face. My vision switches from the five feet around my boat up to the line of the wave to my right. I feel the rail bite into […]

Wicked Smart

We arrived at the shop yesterday to find an 18-wheeler parked across the front of the store. It turns out our Ocean Kayak order had arrived. After a few minutes of knocking on the cab window the trucker woke up and we began unloading the boats. The day was warm and humid so being in […]

Mike’s Tip of the Week #1 is here!

I finished the final edit this morning and as I type it is loading into YouTube. It should be up by 8:30 am.

Xpression Video

The video for the 7/14 Xpression Session is up on our YouTube channel.

Xpression Session 7/14

For weeks I had been hearing about the fun, the food and the good vibes at the Xpression Sessions on Monday nights. I live north of Boston so when I saw that there would be swell from Bertha hitting I took Monday off to surf and see what all the noise was about. Carl and […]

The Day After Independence

Low, ominous clouds darkened the river. The occasional smell of rotting vegetation wafted on the slight breath of a breeze almost cool enough to condense the moisture in the air to mist. An Osprey flittered around its nest, like some demented moth battering away at a light bulb, reacting to the noisy chicks begging for […]

I love kayaking. The feeling of sliding into a boat and slipping into the water is as comfortable as pulling into a friend’s driveway and walking into their house. A sunrise or sunset on quiet water to enjoy the beauty of nature, traveling along the coast in 20 knot winds and 4 foot seas as […]

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