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Buying a boat

Hey folks! Just though I would write a little bit on boat selection. I have spent some time talking to people about which boats would be best for them and I believe it comes down to a few simple items – Does the kayak put a smile on your face? If you don’t like being […]

a rescue demo video

Hey! Another week has passed and we are closing in on the symposium. Mike and Sam are arranging RISC (Rhode Island Surf Camp) for the fall. I’ll be putting up a page on the website that y’all can check out as we get the final pieces in place. It’ll be up on Tuesday or so. […]

A South Coast Sunday

So what do you do when the first heat wave of the season hits? Go kayaking! Dave and I spent our day with a class out near Allen’s Pond. Straight out of the gate it was evident that heat wasn’t going to be a problem…the sweating done on the van ride to the launch site […]

A truly sick weekend.

Hi! Another weekend has come and gone. Saturday was slow (Sam and I both had colds and it was windy/rainy) but Sunday cranked along. Mike ran a surf class that rocked. His students were so excited about their experience that they decided to stay another day and come to the Monday Surf Expression Session. Mike […]

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